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Steel Rule Dies & Services

Steel Rule Dies

Redkeys Dies Inc. can keep up with your most urgent schedules with responsive customer service and quick turnaround times on all of your Steel Rule Die needs (rush delivery available.) Our shop is full of highly skilled tradesmen working hard to get your dies completed on time. When you call us, you will speak to a person well versed in all facets of the steel rule die manufacturing process. Your time will not be wasted with complicated automated systems and voice mails.

Q: Do you Offer Printing and Graphic Finishing Steel Rule Dies?

Printers and graphic finishers rely on Redkeys Dies Inc. for our full range of steel rule die services. Our accuracy and quality of cutting dies saves setup time and reduces press down time—making your die cutting operation more efficient. Steel rule comes in a wide selection of brands, types and specifications for cutting, perfing and scoring. We stock a large inventory of rule in house for your unique die specifications, and to keep up with your rush schedules.

Q: Do you Offer Gaskets and Seals Steel Rule Dies?

Gasket manufacturers come to Redkeys Dies Inc. for precision steel rule dies. The accuracy and quality of our cutting dies saves setup time and reduces press down time—making your die cutting operation more efficient. Gaskets at times require high tolerances and our steel rule dies can be made to within +/- .005 inches. Steel rule dies made in our shop are used to cut many different types of gasket and seal material, even heavy or dense materials. Our dies are used to cut from rolls or sheets on a variety of machine types.

Q: Do you Offer Letterpress Steel Rule Dies?

Craftsmanship and artistic value are important to our letterpress clients. Redkeys Dies Inc. makes custom type-high steel rule dies used on those old and reliable letterpresses. From platens to windmills, our die makers have the skills to craft and bend all the unique cuts needed on letterpress dies.

Q: What is the lead time for Redkeys Dies Inc. to make my die?

Redkeys Dies Inc. offers fast turn around times standard on all die orders. Most dies would be ready to ship to you within two to three full working days from the receipt of your purchase order. Quicker production schedules on simple dies can most often be accommodated. Please call or email if you have a specific deadline. Redkeys Dies Inc. will work with you to get your die to you when you need it.

Q: Do I need to resend a file or die layout if Redkeys Dies Inc. made my die before?

If there are no changes to the die you do not need to resend the information. Redkeys Dies Inc. CAD department keeps all the files from dies we have made previously. Simply call or email us with either your or job number or ours, or your Purchase Order number previously used and we can make a new die for you.

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