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Redkeys Dies Inc. is your full service die manufacturing and packaging design partner

Redkeys Dies Inc. is a full service steel rule die manufacturer for the printing and packaging industry. We are also experienced in foil stamping and embossing dies and have been serving the greater Philadelphia region for over 50 years.

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The Redkeys Dies Inc.'s Mission

Redkeys Dies Inc.'s is a leading manufacturer of steel rule dies, embossing dies, foil stamping dies and heat seal boards for the graphic arts, packaging and fulfillment industries. Redkeys Dies, Inc. has been servicing the graphic arts industry for over 30 years with an unbeatable record for quality, expertise and on-time delivery. Redkeys Dies, Inc. has recieved many calls and letters requesting the addition of other die making services and we have responded! Redkeys is now more capable than ever.

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Redkeys Dies manufactures steel rule dies, copper dies, stamping and embossing dies for many products such as folding boxes, gaskets, decals, displays, posters, greeting cards, presentation folders, CD covers, paperback book covers and much more.

The Redkeys Dies Inc. has experienced die manufacturing staff ready to assist you with your next project.

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Sept. 7, 2022

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