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Over 50 years ago, in 1969, Redkeys Dies Inc. was founded, a steel rule die manufacturing enterprise. Ownership of Redkeys changed hands in 1995, as Morgan Reichner took over and expanded the business into foil stamping and embossing dies to better service current customer demands as well as develop new clients. Redkeys Dies Inc. currently manufactures steel rule dies, copper stamping and embossing dies for many packaging products such as folding boxes, gaskets, decals, displays, posters, greeting cards, presentation folders, CD covers, paperback book covers and many more.

The Crew

Meet the crew behind the company! here at Redkeys Dies Inc., we’re dedicated to bringing great die manufacturing expertise to the philadelphia area. we strive to create a culture where everyone can enjoy our products and services, and know that they’re receiving a quality product that’s accurate and timely.

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Morgan Reichner

President & CEO

Proud owner and CEO of Redkeys Dies for the past 25+ years! Philly born and raised. Ready to go the extra mile for new and existing customers.




The man behind the operation.

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March 5, 2021

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