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Packaging Design Prototypes & Services

Packaging Design Prototypes

Redkeys Dies Inc. Offers Packaging Design Prototypes and services from client provided files on a variety of different material.

Q: What Kind of Packaging Design Prototyping do you Provide?

Our expert staff in the CAD department uses CIMEX software on simple to complex designs every day. Consequently, with our two full sized plotting tables, we can cut out the most complicated prototypes from supplied files on a variety of materials from our inventory or supplied by our customer. Our prototypes are within +/- .015 inches.

Q: Do you Offer Reverse Engineering Packaging Prototyping?

Using our vast knowledge of the industries we serve, we can generate cutting die-related CAD files from nearly any supplied finished part. From thermoformed clamshells to printed press forms we have the ability to engineer the file and supply production prints or die files for approval.

Packaging Design Prototypes
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